​Call me "Sophie"! If we communicate in Mandarin, address me with my full Chinese name "沈阳"!

I very much respect Western civilization, Chinese language and traditional Chinese culture. “Yang”, the pronunciation of my Chinese name “阳”, doesn’t carry my favorite part of the name - its connotation “sun, sunshine, positive”. It was a fresh new experience being addressed as "Yang" since 2012 when it became my default English name on passport. After a while, in 2014, I felt it doesn't connect to the authentic me - it felt more like a symbol than a real name, because it doesn't convey the connotation of "阳", and, it's written, used and most times pronounced very differently from "阳".

“Sophie” was chosen under careful considerations, many aspects are special to me. It shares the same initial with the pronunciation of my family name "沈", when I'm using it I feel it connects to the authentic me. I like to learn new things, so I want to include something that means “wisdom” in my name to reflect expectations for myself. I’m also attracted to the name's long history and simple pronunciation. Magically, the pronunciation of “Sophie” corresponds to two of my favorite Chinese characters - “苏菲”.

Thank you for reading :)

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