This is a list of portfolios of my personal projects. Some projects are not listed due to certain restrictions. 

This is my rendering gallery. Most of the photos were created with my raytracing renderer. Others were from my GLSL shader projects.


I studied computer games in my undergrad. These are part of my team projects for the game classes. All of them were built from scratch in DirectX.

GPU Computing

Fluid simulation with CUDA acceleration. Please check out the GPU Computing page to view the video.


Projects from Scientific Visualization class. Topics include stream graphi, 1D transfer function, parallel coordinate, and scalar data.


This gallery contains my homeworks in image processing and machine learning courses. You may also visit the page to check out the iOS projects and some web development..


Modeling for games with Autodesk 3DS Max.

Soul of the elegy

Collaberated with Dong Zhang and Yang Yang. The Chinese name is 魂之挽歌. This is a 3D RGP game I worked for one of the game class.