This page shows projects that I love. A lot are independent projects, which can best represent my passion on Computer Graphics.
Original Sketching
Imitation Freehand

Painterly Stroke Generator

Yang Shen, Dopamine AnimaticOriginate 20% Time Project, Jul 2017
A C++ algorithm for generating hand-drawn stroke with randomization. This approach captures the dizzy characteristics of hand-drawn stoke by applying randomization to the position, direction, and density of each stroke, and the width of each step for drawing a stroke. The idea sparked in my head when I was attracted by by the stunning sky styles in the stop motion part of animated movie "The Little Prince". The approach was inspired by observing my hand-drawing pigments in pastel.
3D Rendering


Soft Shadow Mip-Maps

Yang Shen, M.S. Thesis, University of Utah, 2016
Advisor: Dr. Cem Yuksel
[Publisher's Page] [Code]
A real-time soft shadow technique approximating physical soft shadows with shadow mip-maps. The algorithm achieves a better balance between quality and performance compared with Percentage-Closer Soft Shadows, Variance Soft Shadow Mappings, and ray-traced soft shadows. Developed a system  to compare related algorithms, which are implemented from scratch with C++ and GLSL. Contribution of the project is that it proves that shadowmap is not a good idea for approximating realistic soft shadows.

Parallel Hardware Ray-tracing

Yang Shen, CS 6958 Parallel Hardware Ray-tracing, University of Utah, Spring 2014
[Project Page]
Ray-tracing on the parallel TRaX Architecture in C.

Ray-tracing for Computer Graphics

Yang Shen, CS 6620 Ray-tracing for Computer Graphics, University of Utah, Fall 2012
[Project Page]
A C++ ray tracer implemented from scratch in the ray tracing class. Features:
  • Path Tracer
  • Monte Carlo GI
  • Soft Shadows and Glossy Surfaces
  • Antialiasing
  • See more at the project page

Interactive Refraction

Yang Shen, CS5610 Interactive Computer Graphics, University of Utah, Dec 2012
[Project Page]
GLSL implementation of Chris Wyman's 2005 SIGGRAPH paper "An Approximate Image-Space Approach for Interactive Refraction". This is the final project of the class.
GPU Computation

CUDA Acceleration of Fluid Simulation with the Material Point Method

Steven Schmidt, Yang Shen, Nicki Barneck, CS 6235 Parallel Programming for Many-Core Architectures, University of Utah, April 2014
[YouTube Video]
Final project of the class. I was working on visualizing the simulation in OpenGL. The visualization is done in GPU, so that the particles updated in each frame is passed to VBO. The computation of updating the VBO is distributed to CUDA blocks.

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Radix Sorting in CUDA

Yang Shen, CS 6235 Parallel Programming for Many-Core Architectures, University of Utah, April 2014
2^30 31-Bit Unsigned Integers Sorted in 0.18765 Seconds.
Game Development

3D Racing Game in DirectX

Yu Gu, Yang Shen, Zilin Zhou, Semester Project Training IV: Game Practice, Beijing Jiaotong University, June 2012
[CSDN Article] [Project Page (coming soon..)]
I developed Quadtree-based LOD terrain for the game. Terrain vertices are pre-calculated with different camera positions, and are loaded based on camera position changes in the game. The challenge is fixing leaks between neighbor triangles with different resolutions, which were solved with Haffman code, and is explained in detail in my CSDN article (the article is written in Mandarin. Please feel free to reach out if you don't know Mandarin :D).

3D Game Editor in C++

Yu Gu, Yang Shen, Zilin Zhou, Game Tools Development & Game Engine Analysis and Design, Beijing Jiaotong University, June 2012
[Project Page (coming soon..)]
I wrote the path search feature for the game editor. The path search features utilizes A* search to find the most optimized path, and Bazier curve to interpolate optimized path.

"Soul of the Elegy" 3D RPG Game in DirectX

Yang Yang, Yang Shen, Dong Zhang, DirectX and Advanced Game Features, Beijing Jiaotong University, Dec 2011
[Project Page (coming soon..)]
I wrote the UI system for the game. Detailed explanation is coming soon..

3D Castle

Yang Shen, Game Art Foundation, Beijing Jiaotong University, Jun 2011
[Project Page]
3D castle built with 3ds Max.

"Wild Cat" 2D Game in C

Yang Shen, Huijun Lu, Xiaoyu Li, Beijing Jiaotong University, Dec 2009
[Project Page (coming soon..)] [YouTube Video a] [YouTube Video b] [YouTube Video c]
The first game I built as a freshman. It is a 2D game written in Turbo C graphics. The graphics of this game is rendered using <graphics.h> graphics. The main character of the game is a cat going towards the end of a complicated track. The player controls the direction of the cat to help it not rushing into the rolling windmill and stay within the track. The speed of the cat is increased as it eats stars in the track. The game also has a timer to limit the time for the cat to finishing the track.
Wireless Sensor Network

A WSN Based Monitoring and Display System for Forest Fire

Yang Shen, Bo Zhang, Pengpeng Lin, Zhidong Wu, Shiqiang Li, National University Student Innovation Program, Beijing Jiaotong University, Apr 2011 - Apr 2012
Advisor: Xudong Chen
[Project Page (coming soon..)] [Document Available by Email (Mandarin)]
Team lead. More description coming soon..

A 3D Positioning and Display System Based on WSN

Hui Cao, Yang Shen, Bo Zhang, Pengpeng Lin, Zhidong Wu, Kun Wang, National University Student Innovation Program, Beijing Jiaotong University, Aug 2010 - Mar 2011
Advisor: Xudong Chen
[Project Page (coming soon..)] [Document Available by Email (Mandarin)]
Team executive (next to team lead). More description coming soon..