2013 summer, Hainan, China

My name: 沈阳 (Pinyin: Shěn Yáng) is my official Chinese name. In English it is Yang Shen. Sophie is my chosen name. In western, while "Yang" automatically became my first name, it is different from my real first name "阳". Because it does not precisely represent the connotation of "阳" - sunshine, which is essential to authentically connect to me. "Yang" is the Pinyin pronunciation of "阳" without the tone. It could indicate other Chinese characters with the same Pinyin yet have different connotations.


How to call you? Yang or Sophie. As long as the connotation of "阳" - sunshine - is being understood, I prefer "Yang" with the correct Pinyin pronunciation - Yáng , which rarely happened and seems impractical. That being said, close pronunciations are okay in certain occasions. And, "Sophie" is equally important to genuinely connect to me.

Jun 7, 2019: source code and demo of AOAS are coming soon!

Software Engineer, Originate

Founder, Dopamine Animatic, Originate 20% Time

Former MS Student on Computer Graphics, Supervised by Prof. Cem Yuksel, University of Utah

Resume: PDF Version

Email: gypsy.shen@gmail.com

Twitter: twitter.com/gypsyshen

Address: Cambridge Innovation Center, 1 Broadway, Cambridge, MA 02142