Software Engineer


  • Specialized in 3D rendering and iOS development, self-starter of real-time animation, passionate about high-performance computing

  • 2.5 years professional software development in varying-scale international software engineering teams in Germany, India, California, and New York City

  • 2 years professional iOS development

  • 3 months professional experience on machine learning

  • 4 years solid C/C++ programming on 3D rendering and game development

  • 4 years GLSL shader programming on 3D rendering and game development



Soft Shadow Mip-Maps

Yang Shen, M.S. Thesis, University of Utah, 2016

DB: A Developed 3D Positioning Algorithm in WSN Based on DV-Hop and Bounding Cube

Yang Shen, Bo Zhang, Kun Wang, Hui Cao. Computer and Management (CAMAN) International Conference, Wuhan, 2011

Work Experience



Dopamine Animatic, Originate 20% Time

Nov 2017 to Present

Description: R&D on identifying aesthetic attributes in 3D animations; implementing real-time algorithms to simulate and configure aesthetic attribute; work with business partner to set up initial content of Dopamine Animatic, such as official website and logo. One example of simulating and configuring aesthetic attributes in animations is implementing Rayleigh and Mie Scatterings, Improved Perlin Noise in GLSL to simulate and configure sky color and sky pattern to efficiently explore emotions.

Cambridge, MA

Software Engineer


Jun 2015 to Present

Mentor: Thomas Wang

Description: feature development of iOS products in international software engineering teams; architecture design and development of internal iOS kits; R&D on machine learning techniques for mobile games

Cambridge, MA (Sep 2015 to present. Was in San Francisco, CA between Jun 2015 and Sep 2015)

3D Developer / Artist Intern

3D Department, Saatchi & Saatchi LA

Jul 2014 to Aug 2014

Mentor: Michael Wilken

Description: R&D on real-time rendering algorithms for car shading in WebGL with limited memory. Implemented BRDF models, bump mapping, and environment mapping to simulate individual car exhibition for Toyota cars in browsers, which allows user to interactively explore exterior of cars from different view angles; work with artist to improve visual qualities of car shading

Los Angeles, CA

3D R&D Intern

SIGVC, Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Mar 2013 to Jul 2013

Mentor: Dr. Huai-Yu Wu

Description: R&D on real-time soft shadows algorithms, such as implementing PCF in GLSL, Spherical Harmonic Exponentiation in C++, as part of Computer Vision research on inserting and removing shadows in real pictures. R&D on using refilming algorithms to insert pictures to real pictures, such as generating depth recovering data of a picture and employing it in custom application to insert another picture to the picture.

Beijing, China

Research Assistant

School of Computing, University of Utah

Sep 2012 – Dec 2012

Supervisor: Dr. Cem Yuksel

Description: power spectrum estimation of poisson disk distribution. Implemented 2D Fast Fourier Transform in C++ to generate Power Spectrum for Poisson Disk Sample sets

Salt Lake City, UT

iOS Developer

Multimedia Lab, Software Engineering Department, Beijing Jiaotong University

Jul 2011 to Dec 2011

Mentor: Dr. Yu Wu

Description: feature development of outsourced iOS products, such as Beijing Review on iPad, v1

Beijing, China

Academic Experience


Masters Thesis: Soft Shadow Mip-Maps

School of Computing, University of Utah

Apr 2014 - May 2015

Supervisor: Dr. Cem Yuksel

Committee: Dr. Charles Hansen, Dr. Erik Brunvand

Description: simulating realistic soft shadows in real-time with shadow mip-maps

Salt Lake City, UT

National Innovation Experiment Program for University Students
School of Software Engineering, Beijing Jiaotong University
Aug 2010 – Mar 2012
Supervisor: Xudong Chen
Project 1: A 3D Positioning and Display System Based on WSN

Project 2: A WSN Based Monitoring and Display System for Forest Fire

Description: team executive of project 1 and team lead of project 2. Responsible for devising algorithms on sensor positioning and coverage, and team management.

Beijing, China



University of Utah

Master's Degree, Computing: Graphics and Visualization. GPA: 3.771

Aug 2013 to May 2015

Salt Lake City, UT

Beijing Jiaotong University

Bachelor's Degree, Software Engineering and Computer Games. Major GPA: 90.15/100

Sep 2009 to Jun 2013

Beijing, China

University of Utah
Non-Degree Overseas Study Program. Focused on Physically-Based Rendering. Major GPA: 3.8

Sep 2012 to Dec 2012

Salt Lake City, UT



Swift (8/10)

Objective-C (8/10)

C/C++ (7/10)

GLSL (7/10)

CUDA (5/10)

Matlab (5/10)

Javascript (1/10)


Visual Studio




Mandarin (Native)

English (Full Professional Proficiency)

Awards & Honors


Golden Key Honor Society

University of Utah


Winner of 2012 Teapot Rendering Competition

School of Computing, University of Utah



Honorable Mention in MCM/ICM


First Prize in the “Challenge Cup” Academic Paper Competition

Beijing Jiaotong University